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Raymusser Credit Card Guide is ideal for people who are seeking to earn rewards on their credit cards once they select them. Majority of cardholders want a reward credit card. The popularity is because of the cash back schemes. Besides these types of cards, points and frequent flier miles are also popular types of credit cards.

Finding the right credit card is not an easy task. Raymusser Credit Card Guide will make it easy for you and will also help you in deciding which credit card may be perfect for you.

When you use a credit card, the merchant for that card pays an interchange or a fee and a large part of that fee goes to your bank. The structure of these fees is complicated and it averages about 2%. Your main objective has to be to grab as much of this fee or the interchange back as it is possible as it will work like a rebate on your daily spending.

Banks like Citibank have come out with a credit card that is known as Double Cash and it pays back 2% cash to you on all spending done. You earn the first 1% as soon as make the transaction. If the bills are paid on time, you get the other 1% after the payment. There are no annual charges and there is no limit to the amount of cash that you can earn back. If you spend a thousand dollars on your credit card every month, you will be able to earn $240 during that year.

Raymusser Credit Card Guide explains about numerous other credit cards that also pay high rates in certain specified categories. When you are spending much money on a specific category, it will be smart to get another card for yourself. Our guide shows you ways of planning ahead so that you could get handsome deals with miles that may get better returns than the cash back rates. It may get more lucrative when you consider the bonus offers on the mile credit cards. Sometimes, you may even get a thirty-thousand mile bonus offer when you apply for and open a new card. There are people who travel regularly around the world with the help of such lucrative deals.

There are also many credit cards that offer you points. These points could be transferred in order to redeem miles, gift cards or bookings of travel. If you become a savvy consumer after referring to Raymusser Credit Card Guide, you will be able to get some incredible deals on both the points and the mile credit cards. You have to handle the cards patiently and maintain discipline of spending.

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